Our Story

Urban & French wants to offer you a range of fashion jewellery drawn from around the world, while incorporating the very best of European design - a range which reflects a modern, casual ethos and New Zealander's comfort in quiet understatement – while delivering something just a little bit different, and a sense of fortunate happenstance, of serendipity.

We believe jewellery should be interactive and readily personalised by the wearer, and we hope the interchangeable and collectible nature of elements of our range provides this to you – and that it allows you to mix and match to mood and occasion.

Every modern woman has their own sense of beauty, style and self – and wants this to be reflected in the everyday choices she makes.

What she wears tells the world a little bit about herself as an individual, and allows just a little insight to who she really is. We hope you like our range, and find a little bit of your 'self' in it, and that it provides you with that moment of serendipity we all hope for.